California College of the Arts (CCA)
Interaction Design BFA,
Graduating Class of 2020


Jamie Catacutan

A virtual sound-tasting experience. Listen to the symphony of flavors and make a sound mix for your food!

Move Up

Ruitao Liang

A social fitness game that motivates elderly people to do exercises for their wellness in senior centers with audio visualization and motion tracking

Making Sense

Kendra Wong

How often do you think about the senses you use throughout the day? Focus on your own senses through short, fun activities.


Jessica Yang

A collaborative cooking experience that uses augmented recipes to enhance the social connections created while making food together.

Cloud Cruises

Natalia Girling

Cloud Cruise airships use a combination of proven aerospace technologies from a mixture of airships, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters to provide a more eco-friendly transportation option. The on-board experience utilizes the unique scenic perspective to educate and entertain passengers throughout their journey.

Twitch Squad

Sung Min Alvin Kim

A virtual gamer team matching platform service that has manners and allows easy access to team members who are congenial.