California College of the Arts (CCA)
Interaction Design BFA,
Graduating Class of 2020


Jieying Yang

ScoBees is a platform that encourages individuals to take action on reversing climate change by brewing kombucha and making sustainable kombucha by-products.


Sherrie Guan

Every homeowner could greatly reduce their carbon footprint by taking small steps toward making a passive home. NetZero is a platform and service that helps you learn more about your house, creates a plan for your home improvements, shows you your financial and energy savings over time, and offers DIY tutorials as well as consulting services and contractors.


Hridae Walia

Every bit of technology you have has some level of value. Matter helps you make the most of your devices and aims to create an active repair economy with technicians, buyers, and sellers with no restrictions on what condition your devices are in. Matter is matter.

Cloud Cruises

Natalia Girling

Cloud Cruise airships use a combination of proven aerospace technologies from a mixture of airships, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters to provide a more eco-friendly transportation option. The on-board experience utilizes the unique scenic perspective to educate and entertain passengers throughout their journey.