California College of the Arts (CCA)
Interaction Design BFA,
Graduating Class of 2020


Eugina Chun

Teller is a social platform for storytellers and lovers. From a personalized story network to supporting the craft of a successful personal narrative, Teller transforms storytelling into a talent for social influence.

Here Together

Gina Kim

Here together creates a safe space for people to have conversations about loss. Individuals can share stories and thoughts that they haven’t been able to share before. Whether it’s with friends, family, or strangers, here together brings people closer.


Nathalia Kasman

Micromindfulness explores of how our devices can play a bigger part in the mitigating of phone and social media addiction through small interventions (microinteractions).


Grace Dai

A digital platform for caregivers and care recipients to document, understand and reflect on their journey, connect with each other, and find relevant resources and local communities.

Making Sense

Kendra Wong

How often do you think about the senses you use throughout the day? Focus on your own senses through short, fun activities.


Jessica Yang

A collaborative cooking experience that uses augmented recipes to enhance the social connections created while making food together.


Elijah Haines

A service that analyzes employee movement and light conditions to give designers a better understanding of how employees use the space and how a design actually impacts employees after implimentation.


Aosheng Ran

A vision for a personal workspace for learning, organizing, and iterating knowledge with a fluid content structure and building associative connections.


Tara Lin

A speculative design project that rethinks the way we react to information on social media to curb misinformation.


Jay Wang

A volunteer network that provides translating services to those who require language support amidst legal, medical, or personal crises.


Yuan Gao

For Chinese students that plan on studying abroad, it can be difficult to find unbiased information they can trust. UniPortal is an app for Chinese international students, that provides first-hand information about schools and living abroad, by connecting Chinese students studying abroad with prospective students back home.


Tiger Zhao

Ocean allows users to access their personal digital assets in any computing device using a personal biometric identification method for better security, efficiency and flexibility with their data


Will Liang

A web-based experience that recollects memory through questions and memory collaging.


Tia Huang

A social platform that allows students from different schools and majors to connect and start interdisciplinary projects together.


Jackie Ji

Pawshake helps cats that need a new home connect with loving families. We provide a humane pet rehoming experience by building emotional connections between adopters and cats through storytelling.

Magic Mirror

Heather Lee

Magic Mirror is an application that helps you to face your anxiety not to get rid of, but to learn how to control it.

Lunch Combo

Anchi Hsin

LunchCombo is a phone app that improves inclusivity of workplaces by allowing people to grab lunch with colleagues outside of their social circle, engaging meaningful conversations, creating data visualization of their community’s voices, and exploring perspectives via random letter exchanges.